ALBP Opening !

My good friend Alexis Jamet and his mates are opening their new skateshop in Nantes !
I’m glad to have a little show for the nonce on saturday 19th april : drawings, beers, skate and friends. All good things, be there !

One week with Alexis Poline




Last week, i went to Angers. My friend Alexis Poline invite me to help him to print his poster. I brought all my stuff and we worked in his studio during a few days.
We had good times, celebrating his birthday, having good meals too.
On saturday, we have cleaned up and set up his place called « L’Enceinte » for the launching of the posters. As a first attempt and a presentation of the place, Alexis wants to start organizing some exhibitions there for a while, inviting people to work directly in his studio. Good luck, mate !


As i brought all the silkscreen’s material with me, i took this opportunity to print some totebags ! White and pink on navy, 15 pieces and sold 7 euros !

Skullmask Pin’s


Stamped soft enamel in silver plated
100 pieces


BO N°8

That good old handmade skatepress…
BLACK OUT N°8 in Rennes skateshops and ready for mailing !–


Finaly ! DERBY tapes are done !
Free download at
K7 Tape : 5€

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